An Interview with Ruth Dawson and Jane Bennett: Project Leaders for ETFO’s Teachers Learning Together

Doug Franks


Jane Bennett and Ruth Dawson are Staff Officers with the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario (ETFO). They both have worked on a team that developed and implemented numerous professional learning programs for elementary teachers, thanks to funding provided from the Government of Ontario. In 2007 they led an ETFO team that implemented a program of province-wide, teacher-based collaborative action research projects, identified collectively as Teachers Learning Together (TLT). During the 2007-2008 year, teachers worked in local teams to conduct action research on a topic of particular interest and relevance to the team. Teachers were given considerable latitude in their choice of topic. One of a number of university researcher teams was geographically assigned to clusters of teacher teams, to aid them in their research and with the content of the subject or topic chosen by each teacher team. Each university group also conducted case study research with some of the teacher teams to which they had been assigned. At the end of the year, each teacher and university team wrote a final report on their experience. In addition, they came together at the end in a day-long symposium of sharing.

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