Baumfield, V., Hall, E., & Wall, K. (2013). Action research in education (2nd ed.). Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE

Paul Horness Horness


This book is not a typical “how-to” introductory action research book. It has nine chapters which include topics on understanding epistemology and ontology in AR, understanding one’s basic research methodological assumptions, selecting an approach which matches those assumptions, using student data, collecting information from others (i.e. parents), completing the project, ethical concerns, and distributing findings. While the authors do discuss differences such as qualitative and quantitative research methods, they do not go into detail and provide information about where the reader can go to learn more if needed. Like most authors in the field of AR, they claim that the book meets the needs of novices and advanced researchers alike. Unlike most typical AR books, this book seems to be for those who are at least familiar with basic research concepts and would like to understand more about why they are making the choices that they are. I feel that this book fills an important gap as an intermediate textbook.

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