van Buuren, A., Eshuis, J., & van Vliet, M. (Eds.). (2015). Action research for climate change adaptation: Developing and applying knowledge for governance. New York: Routledge.

Shawna Rodnunsky


This publication on adaptation to climate change has several areas of focus. One is to consider possible approaches on how to address the issue of climate change adaptation. The issue that reduction of emissions will not be enough and that there needs to be a focus on adaptation to climate change has been addressed directly in this publication. The second is to provide additional scientific knowledge and to this effect, consider the processes of how to best collect and understand this research. The intent is to hopefully have an impact on practical applications and governance. Action research is emphasized as an appropriate approach to address the complexity and uncertainty of the problem and also serve to be practical in nature lending itself to a more streamline application of knowledge.

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