Catherine Whalen


I sit here and ponder about the wisdom and knowledge I want to pass on in my guest editorial piece and think back to almost 30 years ago. I was 23 and thought I had the world figured out and ready to make my mark in life. I was certainly naïve enough to think I was prepared to educate the world and anyone else who might want to listen. Fresh out of university, I took the first teaching job offered which was located in a small mining town in north western Ontario. It was about that time someone informed me that I would change my career at least three times in my life span. Since then, I have not only changed my career from secondary school teacher of 24 years, to operating my own consulting business for several years, and then taking on an Assistant Professor role in a School of Education program as my current position in life: I have moved schools and institutions several times. Although life has taken me from coast to coast and institution to institution, I have maintained one facet of my life that has not waivered - that is the opportunity to teach and research.

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