Monica Gagné


This paper explores the potential for students to engage in social constructivist (Vygotsky, 1978) learning through the development of a course wiki. As a requirement of the Principles of Learning (PoL) course, at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology, students are tasked with building a collection of online, student-authored learning resources. By providing an account of my experiences as a graduate student contributing to a course wiki for the first time, in relation to relevant learning theories, I am able to outline how I progressed from a novice wiki contributor to a confident content creator. In critical reflection, both the hesitancies and achievements I met while taking part in this active learning assignment help to provide insight into the types of obstacles that can occur when working on a course wiki. With a deeper awareness of discovery-based learning and additional scaffolding supports from the instructor, I believe that I could have better engaged with the social constructivist aspects of the wiki and opportunities to collaborate with my peers. Overall, I have found that the course wiki allowed me to take active ownership of my learning while engaging in higher order cognitive processes (Biasutti & EL-Deghaidy, 2012).

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