Action Research: A Cross-Country Checkup

Kurt Clausen


With this issue, a 12-year effort has now come to a new plateau in its vision and reach. How little did the journal’s founders know where it would lead when the endeavor was first brought to realization at the annual meeting of the Ontario Educational Research Council in 1998. Here, after seeing a thriving action research community at the grass-roots level in the province, they decided that some outlet should be created for the dissemination of its results and recommendations. The title of this resource was christened the Ontario Action Researcher, named for two important reasons: First, their initial intention was to focus almost solely on the Ontario scene to the exclusion of all outsiders. As such, it was hoped that local talent would be nurtured in this diminutive hothouse, and connections could be made in a small geographical area. Second, they hoped that by avoiding a more “academic” title (such as journal, annals of, etc...) it could bridge the gap between the often disconnected populations of teacher and scholar. Based on this belief, equal members of the two groups held positions on the original editorial panel. And with this nascent philosophy, the journal tootled off from the gate to meet its supporters and critics.

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